Dark Heart

Past Decisions: Ash and Leonora

Leonora prepares for the ball, a place that will host the most powerful and influential people in Sharn. No doubt, the head of House Cannith would be there: Marix D’Cannith. She hadn’t seen him in a few weeks, at least not since the Cyre remembrance ceremony fiasco. She nervously thought what she would say to her house leader, being as it was him who so kindly offered her a job and place to stay after the Day of Mourning.

Interview with a House Cannith Leader:

Shortly after her arrival in Sharn, Leonora quickly went to House Cannith, looking for a home and possibly employment, using her skills as an artificer. She had the honor of sitting down with Marix D’Cannith, the leader of the Sharn House Cannith, in order to answer some pressing questions before being taken in.

” First: I’m sorry about what happened to your parents. They were terrific inventors and great people.”

“Thank you sir for those kind words. I miss them, but I think they would have wanted me to continue improving my skills and work.”

“I see. Well, what exactly are you looking for here?”

“I want a fresh start. I am looking for a new home, job, friends and city to experience; also new abilities and skills to learn from the master artificers here in Sharn under House Cannith.”

“I see. Well I must say, I’m also curious as to why you sought us? I heard your parents had business dealings with Zorlan D’Cannith. Why did you not seek him out first?”

Leonora tried her best not to hesitate with her answer: “I really was never fond of Zorlan. I respected my parents business dealings with the man, even though I had NO IDEA what exactly they were working on, and treated him with respect when he entered my home; but all that’s behind me. He was business partners with my parents. And now that my parents are dead, I want a new beginning.”

“And I respect that. According to the records you performed your duties well on the front lines outside of Cyre. One of the best and brightest in the army.”

“Thank you sir”

“But, Leonora, what I have to ask you next is the most important to me. I need someone I can trust,” he slowed his speech and looked Leonora straight in the eyes, “Since the destruction of Cyre, House Cannith has lost a lot and their are tensions rising, subgroups forming and people looking to dissolve this house with their varying opinion of how things should be run. Leonora, I need your promise that you will help me keep this house together.”

“Sir, after what happened on the Day of Mourning. I don’t want to be in another war or conflict. I am looking to keep the peace and try and start a new life. You have my support.”

“Thank you Leonora. My assistant can show you to your new place and set you up with a job right away.”

“Thank you.”

Ash’s and the Goshcalaw:

Ash kept to himself before the ball, thinking back to after the Day of Mourning and his return home to find his family slaughtered. He and Flint teamed up to hunt down the barbarians that killed their families and slaughter the whole group in revenge.



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