Dark Heart

Secrets and Promises

In which dirty laundry is aired and a cover-up is arranged.

“Typical,” Legion said as he sheathed his sword. “Aberrant dragonmarks, necrotic lightning and vanishing into thin air. Nonsense, all of it.” Including the dismissive grunt at the end this was practically a speech for Legion.

“It could be worse,” said Algernon, “when we struck him down he could have become far more powerful than we ever imagined.” With a sly grin, he searched for a measure of laughter on the others’ faces, but received none. Leonora and Ash were both practically unconscious and even Legion was swaggering a bit on his feet. Algernon was the best off of all of them, having been beat on the least, and he still felt worse than the time we challenged a warforged to a drinking contest.

After helping to revive and replenish the party’s wounds and morale, talk was made on what to do next. Leonora seemed fascinated with whatever Eric was doing to the creation forge and began tinkering around with the half-finished results of that experiment. Algernon scurried back to the schematics room to see if there was any compelling evidence of new warforged prototypes being made at a large scale.

After about 15 minutes of searching and investigating it was determined that even though Merrix was breaking the wartime treaty by not shutting down his creation forge, that no large scale manufacturing operation was going on. New prototypes were being created in a small capacity with newer modifications, but nothing in a large enough quantity to field as a fighting force. Leonora also found that Eric Blacktree had been attempting to input a new design schematic into the creation forge in a gamble to output a new warforged.

“This thing is dangerous,” Algernon said cautiously, “Possibly the only active creation forge in the world, and the Son of Khyber knows where it is and how to get to it.” He shivered visibly, “Who knows what would happen if he could secure it. Maybe we should tell someone about this.”

Leonora appeared concerned, yet skeptical. “Giving this information out could be disastrous. Think of what the other nations would do if they found out that there is a functioning creation forge in the most secure part of Breland. Not only that, House Cannith is in a precocious situation right now. If Merrix were implicated in the scandal then power would tip to more unsavory and unscrupulous House leaders, and trust me, none of us want that.”

“Too much talking. I grow weary of politics,” Legion grumbled. Ash looked contemplative, but declined to offer his opinion on the matter. It made no difference, within minutes the guard Merrix was supposed to send as back up arrived and all controversial talk was hushed up.




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