Dark Heart

The Forgotten Tomb of Io'Contra

“What was that? A dragon?!” Algernon looks in disbelief.

Legion wipes the blood from his blade. “I believe so.” He glances quickly at the hole in the wall. “I believe what we are looking for is in there.” He steps forward, towards the crack. Ash follows quickly behind him.

Leonora looks at Legion. “We should probably rest a moment. I must prepare some alchemical admixtures.” She quickly begins work preparing the tinctures.

“Very well. But we must hurry. I sense danger ahead.” Legion kneels and shuts his eyes in concentration.

“Quickly. Weeee must find the Fought some Dragonborn and drake things.

Went through a portal.

Came across some monsters in a strange room.

Killed them.

Got a secret hideout.



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